#19 – Our Italian Vacation: Northern Italy

cat Baby We are posting a few photos from brief stops in Northern Italian towns (in the Piedmont region) on our way to the coast. Here is one from Asti:


. . .from Bra (home of slow food movement: http://www.slowfood.com/international/1/about-us):


. . . two from Saluzzo:


. . . and three from Santa Vittoria D’Alba, a small village we spontaneously visited after spotting it from the road, high on a hill above.

DPPa_1089IMG_0707Lou  tower

Then we went onward . . .


through the poppy fields


heading south towards the mountains.


5 thoughts on “#19 – Our Italian Vacation: Northern Italy

  1. I’ve never been to the Piemonte region of Italy–so different from the south of Italy and even from Tuscany. I’m sure the food was different, too.

  2. Hi Phedgehog, the mountains you see in in the photos are the Alps- this portion called the “Maritime” Alps because they are closest to the sea. The Alps actually form a curve around the north, west and part of the southern Piedmont region- and we were driving southwest to . . . well you will have to wait for the next post for that.

  3. Hi Jeanne,
    The part of Northern Italy we saw was beautiful, but different than Tuscany. We have not yet been to the south- maybe next time. The food in Italy was great, everywhere we went.

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