#2- My visit to France: The Camargue

cat  Hello! Cat here. My first few blog entries will be photo essays of my recent trip to Languedoc and Provence in the south of France. I was very fortunate to visit this beautiful region, with its rural beauty, ancient villages and markets of fresh food. Although I don’t get to travel much, it is one of my favorite things to do; so I am sharing some of the highlights of this trip with you. I’ve added some informative links where possible….I hope you enjoy!

Below, a beautiful Chateau on our way to the Camargue, an area mainly known for its white horses, bulls, pink flamingos, marshes, and french cowboys.

The Camargue, a national park since 1970, is about 1/3 lakes or marshland

but also includes grazing land.

So on our brief trip through the area, we saw white horses



beautiful marshlands…

but no pink flamingos or cowboys….

just some french teenagers relaxing on top of a tower over the roadway.

Then we drove through the tower, on to the next adventure…

Here are links for kids about marshes and wetlands – check out http://saltmarshlife.com/index.html, http://www.fcps.edu/islandcreekes/ecology/marsh.htm, and http://www.earthskids.com/ek_science-pond-wetland.htm.

4 thoughts on “#2- My visit to France: The Camargue

  1. Nice blog. Having been born, but not raised, in France (Lorraine Province) I’m always intrigued with French pictures and information. On a different note many of the first photos remind me of Florida (my home state.) 🙂

  2. Hello 2bikes1boat- If you like photos of France, I’ve got more coming, so check back again- or you can sign up to follow. I haven’t been to Lorraine, but hope to visit someday….thanks so much for commenting!

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